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After School Program--New for 2022-23


Our exciting new After-School Program will allow students to participate in a variety of activities in a safe, secure on-campus environment from the end of the school day until 6:00 pm at each of our four schools, the hours when studies show kids are most susceptible to negative influences. The program provides children with a balanced curriculum in which they have an opportunity to do their homework, participate in healthy recreation, learn new skills, and continue to build character through enrichment clubs and activities. Titled WINGS, an acronym for Wonder • Inspire • Nurture • Grow • Succeed, students will have the opportunity to do just that! Our WINGS program is designed to inspire passion and creativity in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA), and a wide variety of sports.  We know that completing homework at home is also difficult to manage around busy family schedules so we will also provide designated homework time where our group leaders will assist students with assignments, ensuring access to the technology needed for any web-based assignments.  An after-school snack will be provided daily.

Students will have the chance to discover new interests in STEM & VAPA or dive deeper into those they already enjoy!  From working with robots to creating works of art, students will have an after-school experience like no other!  There will also be opportunities to join STEM competition teams such as Cyber Patriots (6th grade) and Science Olympiad (4th – 6th grades).

We understand that many students are unable to participate in organized sports due to cost, transportation, or time.  We will have instruction and skill development in a variety of sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, kickball, etc.  The culminating event for each sport will be a friendly tournament between the WINGS programs at our four Savanna schools for those students who are interested.

The WINGS programs helps create an equitable, safe learning environment that provides a safe space after school for all the students in our community.  The goal of the district is that our students’ learning will be enhanced with added support after school and their lives will be enriched as they are offered experiences that were previously out of reach.  Taught by our own Savanna staff, along with community partners, students will have opportunities to participate in club-like activities in STEM, VAPA, Sports, as well as on topics such as cultures, careers, and the great outdoors.

Registration for the WINGS After School Program is open to any current Savanna School District student in Transitional Kindergarten through Sixth Grade.  Groups will be based on student ages and interests.  Parents should enroll children in the program during our Back-to-School Registration (Data Confirmation) process.

Below are sample activities for our first four-week session of WINGS:


Wet and Wonderful STEM

Stay cool while discovering how boats bear weight and move with natural power through the water.

Intro to Coding and Robotics

Peek into the world of coding games and cartoons as well as coding robots to complete a variety of tasks,

If You Build It…

How tall can you make a structure built out of paper?!  Explore what gives strength and balance to structures using a variety of materials such as newspaper, index cards, or K’nex building systems.


That’s Music to My Ears

Get a glimpse of the power of music through various experiences with rhythm and beats.

Star of the Stage

Have you ever thought you’d like to act?  Perform in a few small Reader’s Theatre plays and 1-minute skits.

That’s a Masterpiece!

Experiment with drawing techniques and using paint to create a masterpiece!


Nothing but Net! 

Learn and practice the fundamentals of basketball.  Develop your footwork, ballhandling, shooting and rebounding skills through fun game-based activities.

Get your Kicks at School!

Learn and practice the rules of soccer and skills to play the game.  Play fun drills that develop your attaching and defending skills as well as your coordination and teamwork.

Rockin’ Recess

From handball and tetherball to foursquare and nation ball, you’ll be ready to join in all of the games played during recess when you are finished with this club!

The program’s goal is to support students as they become critical problem solvers and lifelong learners to create a better future. The WINGS After School Program will provide added resources for our students to participate in their community to identify and creatively address needs. We can't wait to have your child join us for this exciting new program as they, too, have opportunities to Wonder • Inspire • Nurture • Grow • Succeed!

Below is a calendar outlining the WINGS After School Program sessions for the 2022-23 school year.

Click here for a print version of the calendar

WINGS Calendar